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Online shopping has taken the world by surprise, giving people unlimited access to quality products at any place and at any given time. This mode of shopping has a plethora of benefits, no doubt, but since a coin has two sides, online shopping is riddled with some problems too. The biggest of these problems is security, with a lot of people losing their money every day. Many people are ignorant of how online platforms work, and people with malicious intent capitalize on this ignorant to steal from unsuspecting consumers. We, therefore, took an initiative to educate people on the basic security measures that should be implemented to improve the security of online shopping.

Some online shopping safety tips

Use credit cards when shopping

There is a little-known fact about credit cards. If you are using a creditlkansvklnalcnlkasncklnaskclklasnclknascasc card to make payments, you are protected by the federal law from fraud. The liability is also very low that we do not need to talk about it in the confines of this publication. Also, credit card companies have enough resources to follow up on fraud and bring the perpetrators to book.

Use one-time payment virtual cards

In some cases, some websites have been known to store the credit or debit card credentials, then, later on, charge fees that are not sanctioned by the card holders. This is precisely why you should always be checking your card statements. However, some companies have been intelligent enough to implement the one-time payment virtual cards. The importance of this is that you will be using a unique virtual card, that is only valid for a given period, and after it has been used, it ceases to exist. This is better, because in the case that the details are stored, they will not be functional the next time someone tries to charge it.

Only submit your details to an encrypted web page

While this is entirely up to the vendor to secure lskndvlknasdklvkasdnvlknsdlkavnlksndvlksadvsadtheir website, you have to make sure that you share your information on pages that are encrypted. When the connection between your web browser and the online shopping platform server is encrypted, it means that no third party can highjack your connection and steal valuable information. You can tell if a web page is encrypted by looking at the address bar, and looking for “https”, if the connection is labeled as “http”, do not submit your sensitive information.